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Partnership with SmartPak Equine
Outsmart Equine Fly Spray

Partnership with SmartPak Equine

26 May 2015 | Press Releases

TyraTech, Inc. (AIM: TYR and TYRU), a life sciences company focused on nature-derived insect and parasite control products, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SmartPak Equine to launch OutSmart Fly Spray.

OutSmart is a pioneering insect repellent powered by TyraTech’s Nature Technology®, the core technology behind TyraTech’s Guardian range of insect repellent products. This product is designed to be effective against house flies, stable flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. The unique formula is non-toxic, as well as being free of permethrin, pyrethroids, pyrethrins, and DEET, making it safe and effective for both horses and riders. The product will be distributed by SmartPak, which is the largest retailer of equestrian products in the United States and SmartPak will commercialise and distribute OutSmart Fly Spray throughout the USA. The product is now available in the market to all SmartPak’s clients and customers nationwide.

This is the first TyraTech product to be used directly on animals, opening the door to further expansion in a bigger portion of the animal health market.

Bruno Jactel, Chief Executive Officer of TyraTech, said: “We are particularly excited about our relationship with SmartPak, a leader in the distribution of equine products and a company with a very strong reputation in the equestrian world. Our distribution arrangement, in which SmartPak is responsible for the promotion and distribution of OutSmart, provides us with a rapid, efficient and economical route to market. It is also the first TyraTech product to be used on animals, which opens the door to further expansion in the animal health market. We have always promoted the breadth of the potential uses and applications of our core technology, and whilst our main focus remains strongly on our lead Vamousse brand, broadening our portfolio and application base in partnership with a major company like SmartPark is very much adding further strength to our business.”

Donnie Steele, Chief Marketing Officer of SmartPak, said: “The successful launch of OutSmart Fly Spray in the market is a testimony of the great partnership we have established with TyraTech and the robustness of their technology. There is definitely a market need for an effective and safe fly repellent for horses and riders. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with TyraTech and extending our product offering using TyraTech’s innovation platform”.

Further information on OutSmart is available on the SmartPak Equine website at