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Our Difference

This is what makes TyraTech’s solutions unique:

Better Efficacy

  • Effective against all life stages of insects. Traditional pesticides typically work as neurotoxins that are only able to target life stages with developed nervous systems. By adding a physical mode of action, eggs can also be controlled.
  • Effective where pesticide resistance is a challenge
  • Synergy between physical and chemical mode of action reduces the likelihood of resistance development
  • Synergistic effect allows for unparalleled results using lower percentages of active ingredients – efficient formulation

Safer Products for People, Animals and the Environment

  • Non-toxic, pesticide-free, and nature-derived. Ingredients are selected from regulatory listings of ingredients deemed safe or minimum risk based on extensive research or scientific understanding.
  • Insect and parasite control products that are effective without the use of traditional pesticides provides reliable alternatives to decrease our worldwide reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Tailored to consumer expectations

  • Consumers often have to accept trade-offs between safety and efficacy or ultimately the cosmetics of a products when choosing a natural or option with an improved safety profile. TyraTech has built formulation expertise to adjust for key attributes such as odor, on-skin feel, and ease of application to ensure that consumers are delighted with the final product.

TyraTech is dedicated to quality in its products and a rigorous scientific method.

  • Our ingredients are U.S.-based
  • Our manufacturing operations are also US based and are EPA and FDA compliant
  • Continued product performance validation through lab testing and clinical studies
  • Patented technology
  • Streamlined customer-oriented innovation
  • Accelerated registration processes