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The start of TyraTech’s technology science-based platform was truly an unexpected discovery. Scientists at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center noticed while working with essential oils in their cancer research that the areas near the essential oil compounds were uniquely free of insects. This unintended observation led to further research and the patenting of a cell-based technology platform that allows for the screening of new active ingredients and served the base to TyraTech’s unique plant-based formulations.

Patented Technology and Formulations

TyraTech’s unique formulations are based on the synergistic properties of plant-based active ingredients and selected inert ingredients. These innovative products are the result of more than 10 years of research and lead to 28 granted patents and 36 pending. A three-step approach is necessary to optimize each of the formulations:

  1. A proprietary screening method is used to screen plant-based active ingredients that specifically target the tyramine neurotransmitter receptor, which is active in invertebrates but not in humans or other mammals.
  2. Active ingredients are combined and those exhibiting synergistic activity against target insects and parasites are selected to move on to development.
  3. Synergistic blends are further enhanced through formulation chemistry to develop products for commercialization.

The result is a portfolio of products with unprecedented pesticide or repellent activity, which are then cosmetically refined to uniquely meet consumer needs.

Each of these steps is patented, giving TyraTech a proprietary approach to research and development. In addition each of these products follows a rigorous scientific evaluation combining in-vivo, ex-vivo and clinical testing according to industry standards and scientifically recognized methods and protocols.

Competitive Efficacy

Traditional pesticides that have been used for decades are beginning to lose efficacy in many documented instances as insects develop resistance. As genetic resistance to synthetic chemical solutions increases, a need arises for products that target insects in a new way.

TyraTech’s patented technology synergizes physical modes of action with chemical modes of action to deliver unique and highly effective insecticides.

See for yourself– check out the videos below.

Commitment to Safety - Nature-Derived Ingredients


TyraTech is driven to deliver insect and parasite control with a unique combination of safe ingredients and efficacy that is scientifically proven to meet or exceed traditional pesticide-based products. Nature-derived active and inert ingredients are chosen from those recognized as safe by major international regulatory agencies such as FDA (GRAS), EPA (FIFRA 25(b) exempt and List 4A), and EU biocide regulations.

Tyratech’s products are safe for humans, animals and respectful of the environment.

This careful selection of ingredients also allows for the strategic use of registration pathways that allow for speed to market.

This is what makes TyraTech’s solutions unique:

Better Efficacy

  • Effective against all life stages of insects. Traditional pesticides typically work as neurotoxins that are only able to target life stages with developed nervous systems. By adding a physical mode of action, eggs can also be controlled.
  • Effective where pesticide resistance is a challenge
  • Synergy between physical and chemical mode of action reduces the likelihood of resistance development
  • Synergistic effect allows for unparalleled results using lower percentages of active ingredients – efficient formulation

Safer Products for People, Animals and the Environment

  • Non-toxic, pesticide-free, and nature-derived. Ingredients are selected from regulatory listings of ingredients deemed safe or minimum risk based on extensive research or scientific understanding.
  • Insect and parasite control products that are effective without the use of traditional pesticides provides reliable alternatives to decrease our worldwide reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Tailored to consumer expectations

  • Consumers often have to accept trade-offs between safety and efficacy or ultimately the cosmetics of a products when choosing a natural or option with an improved safety profile. TyraTech has built formulation expertise to adjust for key attributes such as odor, on-skin feel, and ease of application to ensure that consumers are delighted with the final product.

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