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Our Story

We believe there is a better way. We put nature to work.


There are more than 10 quintillion insects in the world (that’s 10 with 18 zeros) – and growing. And though many of those insects are beneficial to our ecosystem, others cause serious diseases and economic losses. To combat these risks, close to a billion tons of chemical pesticides are employed annually around the globe. And yet, we are losing the war against insects and parasites.

Vector-borne diseases like Malaria and the Zika virus threaten human health. Losses in the food supply chain are a bigger worry while a growing population demands higher output and more rigorous assurance of safety. All the while, insects and acarids are developing a resistance to many traditional synthetic pesticides, which leads to a risk of overuse, high toxicity, and environmental damage.

How can we win?


We believe there is a better way. We believe there can be effective control of insects and the risks they pose without compromising safety. TyraTech develops insect and parasite products that do not rely on traditional pesticides. To achieve this, TyraTech puts nature to work. Our insect and parasite control products are created by enhancing the well-known natural insecticidal properties of plants to design formulas that are rooted in safety and efficacy. Our products can be used to control and repel all sorts of insects and acarids that are present on or around humans, animals and plants. Because they are plant-derived, our products are safe for humans, animals and the environment. They offer true alternatives to traditional pesticides.

The growing demand for non-toxic insecticides and green solutions for humans, animals and agriculture is a call for corporations like TyraTech to deliver responsible alternatives. Until now, the pesticide market has struggled to bring innovation capable of equally meeting the demand for efficacy, safety and aesthetics.

TyraTech has invested more than 10 years in research and development to address this challenge. Today we have the scientific expertise and patented technology platform to respond to the global need. TyraTech is developing a range of advanced insect control products that are safe, effective, inspired by nature and harmonized with scientific expertise. We bring products from concept to customer, across the human and animal health market segments. Our consumer and commercial product offerings represent the future of effective and environmentally-intelligent insect and parasite control.

TyraTech is dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact on our ecosystem for the health and well-being of people and animals.